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What We Can Do for You

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Diesel Diagnostics & Repair

We know that your rig is a big deal.  Wether your truck is stock, Built, or used for work purposes.  We ensure our repairs are to industry standard and all systems components are working in proper order.  We handle all maintenance and everything up to cab off repairs. We Speak Duramax, Cummins, and Powerstroke.

Automotive services

We are a complete full service repair center.  We can take on about any job you can send our way.  Everything from Oil Changes to pulling engines for rebuilds and doing clutches or transmissions.  We can handle it all.  So, whatever issues you are experiencing, chances are we have repaired autos like yours.

Air Conditioning Systems

No one likes not being able to be the Vegas Heat.  We are experts at fixing every kind of car and trucks Air Conditioning Systems.  We also service RV's A/C too.  Whatever it is, If its not blowing ice cubes, let our team have a look.  You will have a very cool road ahead.

Other Questions ?

We literally work on everything.  You can bet there is a chance we have worked on a vehicle just like yours.  Have questions about a particular problem with your vehicle? Need diagnosis for check engine light?

Contact us and let's get you on schedule and back on the road to peace of mind. 

Who Is OCD?

We are a group of gentleman who have over the years, followed industry determined guidelines for general service and repair amongst many known brands of vehicles on the road today.  Including Cars, Trucks, Petrol and Diesel.  The chances are we have wrenched on a vehicle just like yours.  

As we are meticulous in our craft, we do the job right the first time, Using OEM parts and quality suppliers.  You can trust that your vehicle, regardless the size or need for service, will be running better than ever.  Old worn out parts no longer making noise or failing inconveniently.  

Give us a call and talk with our friendly staff or fill out our form and detail the problems your are experiencing with your ride, and we will be ready for the opportunity to service you, Las Vegas & Henderson.  Thank you 

About Us
Fixing the Car
"Your vehicle should be in the care of someone who wants to keep you on the road for future success."

- OCD Car Care

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